Top 5 best gaming chairs under $100

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A gaming chair determines your comfort and physical well-being during the game. So it goes without saying that you only want the best gaming chair.

However, money can be an issue with some gaming chairs for more than $ 1,000. But that shouldn’t discourage you. We analyzed several gaming chairs on the market and identified high-end models for less than $ 100. Below, we collect the top 5 games from the 50 under $100 by 2020. Watch and buy what you want.

1. Devoko Gaming Chair

With a bright color scheme as opposed to a black frame, you may find this chair in many online stores. In fact, the seat design makes it look like it was taken from a race car from a speed or gusto need. The seat is polyurethane and highly adjustable, curved, with removable front seats and adjustable lumbar cushions that support your real life icons as you personalize. You can hardly find these features in the $ 200 gaming chair for $ 100.

2. Homall Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Almost like the Devoko design, the Homall PC Gaming chair is a great choice for those who wish to save a few extra bucks at a slightly lower quality. The Home Edition features removable and removable pillows and luggage and adjustable height, such as the Devoko Gaming chair. The front and rear seats are made of 1.8mm high quality steel and are on PU wheels for movement and durability. Both the comfortable chair and chair are adjustable with adjustable head and / or pillows.

3. Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Racing Chair

Whereas all the budget gaming chairs here provide great support for the upper limbs and body, they pay no attention to the legs. This Furmax gaming chair offers body and torque support similar to those mentioned above, but also comes with a slim and thick foot that maintains the lower limbs. Costs similar to those above the bench are a solid choice if you often feel the need to stretch your arms or even fall asleep in between games. Do not expect your feet to provide anything more than temporary relief for your feet. For a true lounge chair, there is a dedicated office chair.

4. OFM Essentials Gaming Chairs

The three gaming chairs we have reviewed so far are all quite similar in looks and sometimes in function. You can immediately see from this chair that it is different. Resembling a fancy office chair, the removable pillow and the removable lumbar cushion are gone, with the sides of the seat facing inward. Some users may miss the loss of a high back and separate pillows, but this makes the OFM Essentials PC gaming chair much more portable and suitable as an ordinary office chair when your boss enters.

5. Homall Leather Racing Style

Homall has a proven track record in designing gaming chairs, and that extends to their medium back gaming chairs like this one. The fiery red accents combined with classic black and white tones immediately inspire you to start your game while leaving a lot of money on the table to acquire other important game accessories.

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