Top 5 best mini projector in 2020 Review

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Everything is nowadays going compact. Without exception are the projectors. Today, it is possible to carry a projector in your bag pocket. This is contrary to a few years when one had to carry it in a separate bag. Mini projector is the currently preferred electronics for entertainment, photo viewing, business and class presentations. These are light, compact and inexpensive like full-size projectors.

Although these mini projectors are convenient, they tend to be inferior when it comes to illumination. With two classes; palmtop and Pico, they also differ in performance. The palmtops (handheld) are a bit larger and but portable and compact. They tend to be brighter than Pico. On the other hand, Pico are the smallest and comes with internal memory to retrieve files than needing to connect to your laptop every time.

Most of the mini laptop comes with various connectivity. Some utilize USB, HMDI, Bluetooth and even mobile high definition link. This allows them to be connect able with smart phones and laptops. Although many mini projectors utilize AC power, some are available with rechargeable batteries. Now, if you are looking for an ideal device, you are just about to. Check our collection of the top 5 best mini projectors in 2020 reviewed.

Top 5 best mini projector in 2020 Review Lists

1. ohderii Projector 1800 Lumens 180″ LED Mini Home Projector

Getting a reliable and high performing projector can be tricky. But, with this Ohderii LED mini projector, it solves all projection needs. Created utilizing LED technology, it gives 30 percent light for crystal clear images. Therefore, this mini projector is perfect for gaming, movie watching and also for sports. Moreover, with ability to support multimedia from smartphones, DVD players, laptops and other devices, it gives you the freedom to enjoy to maximum.

Unlike other projectors which come with short power cords, this boasts 4. 9 feet cable which improves its safety. The inbuilt stereo speaker delivers outstanding sound while foldable holder allows efficient projector cooling.

2. Meyoung Portable Projector, 1080P 1200 Luminous Efficiency

Enjoy your life to maximum when you get Meyoung portable mini projector. The device is created to be a perfect choice for creating thrilling home theater. Ability to connect with all HMDI enabled devices makes it an excellent deal for entertainment lovers. In addition to that, when watching movies or playing mages, the projector delivers 1080p HD pictures which are eye-catching.

The pictures are displayed on a large screen ranging from 50-130 inches. Enhanced with rich colors, the projector is perfect for watching during night times or in shaded place during daytime. The inbuilt amplifier and loud speaker are great to deliver outstanding sound. Besides great connectivity, it is also compatible with USB flash drives, SD Cards, and MHDD.

 3. ViewSonic M1

The ViewSonic M1 is a great versatile portable projector thanks to its decent selection of ports despite its small size. This makes it easy to hook up a good range of different devices. Its small design looks good and makes it easy to carry this projector around with you. The price isn’t bad either. However, the low resolution means image quality isn’t quite as good as some of its competitors, and its max brightness is a bit too low, which means that images can look washed-out when used in bright environments. Still, it’s a great portable projector, especially for work presentations.

 4. Jinhoo 2019 3500 Lux 176 Inches Projector Size Wi-Fi Mini Projector

If you want to have a theater experience at your home, then Jinhoo Wireless Mini projector should be topping your list. This unit emits vibrant colors and clear pictures. Also, it comes with a nice size and compact design. Additionally, the device is connected with Wi-Fi, unlike other brands. The Wi-Fi connection is a breeze! Besides, the speakers are good and fans work well as well. Keystones and focus function responds well when you adjust. Lastly, this system is compatible with HDMI, USB, AV, VGA, etc.

5. VINIBRIGHT F10 Full HD 1080P Supported 2800 White Light Mini Projector

Designed with a small size yet delivering high resolution, VINIBRIGHT F10 Light Mini projector makes your image clear with its high resolution. The exclusive 4” ultra-high temperature and light transmittance LCD Panel offer a wide color range for real image projection. This F10 mini projector has advanced visual features and flexible connection option that makes it ideal to be used as in video entertainment or even home theater, small business, entry-level education, etc. The device’s lamp has 50,000 hours of life. Besides, it is highly efficient and energy-saving. In summary, this projector is the best among other projectors because it is +60% brighter.


You can see for yourself that you can easily get your best projector if you adhere to our guidelines. We can assure you that you will enjoy watching good movies with your family members or friends on a regular basis. These mini projectors bring a realistic feel. So when you make a choice, keep the factor we gave you on the fingertips so that every step you take is guaranteed to succeed. We hope that once you have passed your review you will be able to get what you want for the ages. Be sure to check out the actual customer reviews on the last section of each product on the e-commerce site.

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